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Blasted Pancreas / Borborygmus – split FULL ALBUM (2019 – Pathological Goregrind)

Blasted Pancreas was a pathological goregrind band from Greece that acted from 2008 until 2012. They released a demo and an awesome full length, but got disbanded in 2012 cause their mastermind, Tasos Pitenis died in vehicle accident. Borborygmus are a goregrind band from New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA formed early this year.

This is a split album, containing tracks from the demo and album of Blasted Pancreas and remastered version of tracks taken from Borborygmus’ first 2 EPs.

Self-released (digital format) on June 2019.
Released on August 2019 by RectalxPurulence.

Get it here:

— Blasted Pancreas —
01.[00:00] I am Sick of You All
02.[01:59] Polycythemia
03.[03:24] Tuberculosis
04.[05:26] Lymphoblast
05.[08:08] Resection of Upper Gastrointestinal Malignancy
06.[09:15] Brainstem Glioma
— Borborygmus —
07.[11:30] The Borborygmus is Setting in
08.[12:19] Slashed Coronary Artery
09.[13:04] Auto Collision Imposed Bodily Contortions
10.[14:08] Emesis of the Gastrointestinal Tract
11.[15:31] Killing is a Craft
12.[17:17] Self-Inflicted Cranial Ballistic Trauma
13.[17:58] Alkaline Hydrolysis (Human Liquefaction)
14.[19:57] Grotesque Torture of Helpless Victims
15.[21:45] Sickening Pathological Medical Malpractice
16.[23:57] Distended Cadaveric Fermentation

This release and the video I made for it are both dedicated to Tasos Pitenis (RIP).

More info at:
— Blasted Pancreas —
— Borborygmus —

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