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Active Shooter – Sign of The Times FULL EP (2019 – Grindcore)

Grind band from Houston, Texas, USA since 2016. This is their cool latest EP.

Self-released (digital format) on November 2019.
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01.[00:00] Faces in the Glass (Broken Windowz)
02.[00:32] Felony
03.[01:01] Anxiety Overdose
04.[01:30] These Streets Don’t Love You
05.[01:58] Active Shooter
06.[02:42] Clown Shoe Motherfucker
07.[03:18] Knife Fight
08.[04:12] Gulf Coast Horizons
09.[04:53] (long live) The Bong Reaper
10.[05:43] Headshot
11.[06:44] Infamous
12.[07:38] Junkie Dreams
13.[08:13] This Thing of Ours
14.[08:44] Millions of Dead Punks

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