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Putrescence – Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs (2007) [Full Album]

Band: Putrescence
Album: Fatal White Pustules Upon Septic Organs
Year: 2007
Genre: Death/Grind
Country: Canada
Label: Power It Up Records

01. Stench Of Vomit, Vomit Of Stench
02. Kill Yourself, Shit Your Pants
03. Face Unfastened And Rendered Into Emulsion By Claw Hammer
04. Faster Blunt Trauma Kill Kill
05. Blowtorched To Conceal Identity
06. Compulsive Defecation Into The Larynxs Of The Recently Mutilated
07. Head Crushed By Partially Severed Extremities Seeping With Viral Infection
08. Grotesque Instance Of Obscene Protoplasmic Devastation
09. Total Fucking Absence Of Brain Matter
10. The Black Out Drunk Psychotic Voices Inside My Head
11. Green Hell (Misfits Cover)
12. Drilling Through Timpanic Membrane With A Corkskrew (Live)
13. 245 Trioxin (Live)
14. Dawn Of The Necrofecalizer (Live)
15. Self Strangulation In A Locked Refrigerator / Detrunked Wizard Pt 2 (Live)

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