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Diabology – Nobody Believes Me (Full Album)

Country: USA | Year: 2020 | Thrash/Death Metal

Taken from the debut LP ‘Nobody Believes Me’ out now independently.

‘Diabology’ –
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diabology-1735649090085063/
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diabologyband/
bandcamp: https://diabology.bandcamp.com/album/nobody-believes-me

‘Diabology are a teenage thrash metal band from Los Angeles, CA. Members Jesse Bergen (guitar and vocals), Jack Kleinman (guitar), Joseph Mazisyuk (bass), and Matthew Morales (drums), met up on the rock school circuit. They were united by a love of metal and a desire to break out of the rock school mold to start working on original material. Defying the many subgenres of metal, they choose to simply call their music thrash, a tribute to the old school sounds of the late eighties, with a young and refreshing voice.

The band began playing many well-attended and prestigious gigs around the Los Angeles area, but things really took a turn when they released their debut LP, ‘Nobody Believes Me’. Taking the metal world by storm, the album was featured in countless magazines and received a fair share of radio play but the icing on the cake was when their song “Defiling Innocents” made it to the top of Kerrang’s American Excess Spotify playlist.’


1. The Voices (Nobody Believes Me)
2. Deicide
3. Defiling Innocents
4. Ember To Ash
5. Seed of the Prophet
6. Judgement Day
7. Seas of Eternity
8. Diabology
9. About You
10. Lost Viking
11. Lazarus Falling
12. Silent

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