Gourmet – split with Haggus (2020 – Mincecore / Grindcore) – Swamp

Gourmet – split with Haggus (2020 – Mincecore / Grindcore)

Awesome mince/grind band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 2017 featuring members of Archagathus and Flash Out. These are their tracks off their upcoming split with Haggus (mincegore from USA), to be entitled “A Gruesome Buffet Of Human Decay”.

Self-released (digital format) on January 2020.
Physical release info to be added.

01.[00:00] Every Bun Should Be Grilled
02.[00:32] Rapid Devourment And Hysterical Asphyxiation On A Bus Full Of Passengers
03.[01:27] Mentally Burgered
04.[01:57] Necrotic Picnic Action
05.[02:37] Bread Shall Rise
06.[03:27] Grated, Melted And Dropped In A Parking Lot
07.[04:01] Battered Beyond Recognition

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