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AssholeParade – Demo 2020 FULL (Thrashcore)

Fastcore/hc/thrash band from Gainesville, Florida, USA since 1995. This is their fresh demo, 9 years since their last album.

Released on February 2020 (cassette and digital format) by Belladonna Records.
Vinyl version coming later this year.
Get it here:

01.[00:00] Death Poem For The Dying
02.[01:15] Disease
03.[01:54] Bury Us
04.[02:49] In Final Thoughts
05.[03:46] Workgraves
06.[04:14] You (G-Anx cover)
07.[05:09] MN’R

More info at:
— AssholeParade —
— Balladona Records —

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