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Blast Beaten To Death presents: “Chilean Blasting Brutality Compilation” (2020) [Full Album]

20 diverse, intense and savage bands from Chile, some of the best in Brutal Death Metal, Slamming Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore & Goregrind, a sick and interesting sight of the Chilean scene.

00:00 01. Anarkitran “Manipulados” taken from Vomitable (2018) via Base Record Production.
00:44 02. Antitrust “Sindrome Del Imbecil” taken from Demo (2008) via Independent.
01:51 03. Batakazzo “Fermentación Butirica” taken from El Camino A La Descomposición Humana (2019) via Putrid Tomb Records.
03:36 04. Chronicus “London 7 Of 7” taken from Revenge, Natural Reaction (2006) via Independent.
05:08 05. Cranial “The Unique” taken from Persona (2012) via Vardager Records.
06:11 06. Decrepit Cadaver “The Quantic Fracture” taken from The Outer Darkness (2019) via Unmatched Brutality Records.
08:25 07. Defacing “Murder Is My Crime” taken from Homicidal Satisfaction (2010) via Charred Remains Records.
11:03 08. Denying Nazarene “The King Is Losing His Crown” taken from Possessed By The Light And Deception (2014) via Heavy Shit Music.
14:49 09. Dethroner “Deathshadowed” taken from Promo (2002) via Independent.
18:23 10. Dr.Zaius “Caravana De La Muerte” taken from “Music From My Fist” (2006) via Independent.
20:33 11. Fractura Expuesta “Rotten Femur” taken from Beaten To Death (2017) via Chikero Electriko Records.
23:08 12. Godagainst “Ashes To Crawling Souls” taken from Summoning Chaotic Annihilation (2019) via Australis Records.
26:48 13. Gruesome Bodyparts Autopsy “The Ecstasy Of Cadaveric Sex” taken from Cadaveric Sex And Cavernous Genital Rigidity (2018) via Lymphatic Sexual Orgy Records.
27:36 14. Inferis “The Suffocating Heat” taking from In the Path Of Malignant Spirits (2007) Old Temple.
32:38 15. Magnanimvs “Libation To The Din-Gir Xul” taken from Storms Of Chaotic Revelations (2006) via Rawforce Productions.
36:51 16. Melektaus “N.O.X. Night Of Pan” taken from Self Knowledge Desintegrate The Veils (2019) via Iron, Blood and Death Corporation.
41:03 17. Sheolgeenna “Emerged From Outside Skies” taken from The Dark Chambers (Shukra Kteis, Maher-Salalhas-Baz) (2002) via Rawforce Productions.
45:27 18. Visceral “Nemesis Cataclismica” taken from Involucion Parasitoide (2017) via New Standard Elite.
50:03 19. Wounds Of Christ “God Spat And The Man Was Done” taken from God Spat And The Man Was Done (2017) via Permeated Records.
53:27 20. Yog Sothoth “La Reliquia De Un Tiempo Olvidado” taken from Yog-Sothoth (2017) via Bohemian Records.

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